Ballet, adapted from Carlo Collodi

The ballet “Pinocchio” is a show inspired by one of the most beloved children’s books – “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, by Carlo Collodi.

The show comes as a lesson to the little ones, still at the beginning of life, a didactic and educational material that serves the family, from small to large. The audience will meet positive and negative characters, who together make up intrigue, tension and humorous moments, which lead, unseen, to the maturity of the young Pinocchio. Pinocchio is us, in every moment of our lives and thus, looking at his path of initiation, we rediscover, among the old memories or perhaps among the most recent, similar feelings – says Valentin Stoica, director and choreographer of the show.

The choreography describes a world of puppets, the music emphasizes the gestures and motor skills of the puppet theater world, with the desire to fascinate and attract children’s hearts to a special world. The lyrics chosen to lead the action of the show contain meaning and light nuances of humor, with the intention of teaching, without harshness, by the power of the present parables. The show brings colors, cheerful music, funny costumes, colorful characters and a tailor-made message, which is revealed only at the end.


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