Music Box – The Adventures of the Enchanted Hat – PREMIERE

Music Box is one of the most successful musical projects in Romania dedicated to children, returns to the public’s attention with the first musical show, “The Adventures of the Enchanted Hat”, on the stage of the  Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii.

Cochețica, Rufus, Șoricelul, Broscoiul or Șoricica are just some of the beloved characters that will delight the audience at the Small Hall of the National Children’s Palace.

The original script is based on a selection of songs from the Music Box album series and is signed by Liliana Stefan. The characters give life to a magical story, which contains a series of messages with educational and behavioral value and values ​​such as honesty, friendship, optimism, harmony. The costumes and sets are specially created to outline the fairytale world of the show’s narrative. The colors, design as well as the performance, have made it a unique show in Romania.

The show “Music Box – The Adventures of the Enchanted Hat” focuses on the educational messages through a playful language, appropriate to the age of childhood, as well as the quality of musical content. The direction of the show is signed by Laura Vlădoiu, the script and music belong to Liliana Ștefan, and the musical arrangement to her son, Alexandru Bittman, to which is added the choreography by Ana Mihai.

“Through a funny story, children learn about these things in the simplest way they can understand: through music, dance, play. Psychologically speaking, this is the language through which we have to address the little ones so that we reach their hearts “, Liliana Ștefan thinks.

A real phenomenon, the Music Box was visited by over 1,500,000 children, 10 albums have been sold with hundreds of children’s songs, performed by famous voices of some of the most beloved celebrities in Romania, such as Mădălina Manole, Horia Brenciu, Loredana, Anca Țurcașiu, Dan Bittman , Silvia Dumitrescu, Sanda Ladoși, Daniela Nane, Mihaela Rădulescu or Andreea Marin, along with the countless awards that recognize the value and impact on the public.

Show is recommended for children aged 3-10.


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