Înșir’te Mărgărite

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Înșir’te Mărgărite

Musical, adapted from the famous enchantment of the writer Victor Eftimiu

The musical ÎNȘIR’TE MĂRGĂRITE  is one of the most successful performances of the Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii.

Victor Eftimiu’s dramatic fairy tale was first performed on the stage of the National Theater in Bucharest in 1911. With this play, considered an event by the critic Eugen Lovinescu, the prolific author became famous at only 22 years old. Since then, the text has undergone changes and has been staged in numerous versions on country stages.

In the vision of director Dan Tudor, the fairy tale is presented, with typical Romanian humor, by emperors, empresses, girls and boys, dragons, witches and many fantastic characters, ready to reveal their story with meaning and morals.

In an ingenious scenography that combines classical elements with modern technique, period costumes that bear the imprint of our popular spirit, an original music easy to remember, court dances, but also Romanian dances, the artists of the Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii dedicate this show to children and adults who want, for an hour, to dream with their eyes open.



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