ImproNation Show

After the success recorded at the end of last year, the Teatrul Muzical Ambasadorii  brings back to the public the improvisation shows played exclusively by children. In 2022, a first show “ImproNation”, which includes children aged 10 to 14, is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2022, starting at 18.00, the Small Hall of the National Children’s Palace.

The story began with a casting in which the actor Cătălin Neamțu wanted to discover those children who can freely express themselves in order to create an improvisation band together. The enthusiasm and talent of those who responded to this challenge led to an unexpected result and the project to form a band failed in a very categorical and positive way. Instead of one, two bands were born: K`Impro and ImproNation, with 19 members together. The improvisers are between 6 and 14 years old, and the show is aimed at people between 3 and 103 years old.

Careful! Message of public interest. Improvisation, as a theatrical genre, has a strong emotional impact: it relieves stress, brings a smile on the face, improves mood and nurtures the courage to express yourself in front of the audience. The Improvisation Theater is a phenomenon that has conquered the entire planet since the 1970s. The director Vlad Massaci is the one who popularized this theatrical genre in Romania 20 years ago.

Coach Cătălin Neamțu and his second pianist Marian Hâncu have played thousands of matches in the Romanian national improvisers league and play together in the longest-running band in our country, formed in 2005. In that year, Mihai Bobonete was the one who proposed to Cătălin Neamțu to create a band at Cafe Deko and after a month of intensive training gave birth to the band ImproVizați. Presenter – Tania Popa, players: Cătălina Vasile, Constantin Bojog – Costel, Mihai Bobonete and Cătălin Neamțu, on piano – Marian Hâncu.

Over the years the formula of the performance has changed and notable improvisers have worked together on the same stage: Smaranda Ciceu – Luna, Aylin Cadir, Adriana Nicolae, Alexandra Radu, Andreea Samson, Aida Economu, Mihai Rait Dragomir, Dragoș Muscalu, Cosmin Seleși , Cosmin Natanticu, Cosmin Micutzu Nedelcu, Adrian Văncică, Robert Tudor – The Magician, Alex Mocanu, Marius Florea Vizante, the current formula being: Constantin Bojog – Costel, Mihai Bobonete, Mihai Rait Dragomir, Cosmin Natanticu, Aida Economu, Robert Tudor – The Magician, Alex Mocanu and Cătălin Neamțu. The piano – Veteran Marian Hâncu.

At the beginning of each show, the ballet troupe of Teatrului Muzical Ambasadorii  will hold a special choreographic improvisation in the category of shadow theater, according to a screenplay designed by Ana Mihai and Andrei Dogaru.Official partner: Negro 2000

Media partners of the event: Agerpres, Itsy Bitsy, Radio Romania Cultural, Ultima Oră, Spotmedia, Revista Femeia.

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