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Ballet, adapted from Mihail Jora

”At the market” ballet is an exciting and joyful show about a naive love. The staging starts from the first Romanian ballet, created in 1928 by the famous composer Mihail Jora, a complex personality of the Romanian music school from the 20th century, whose 130th anniversary was recently celebrated.
The show brings to the fore the motley world of a fair in Bucharest during the interwar period, against the background of which a love story unfolds. Chiva, a beautiful and poor girl, is courted by a young man full of good intentions, but too modest for her expectations. He, as the simple caretaker of the carousel, with which he entertains the children who come to the fairs every day, does not fit the young woman’s plans. Her naivety and desire to overcome her condition at all costs, make her ignore the sincere feelings of the young man, relying on the mirage of a possible marriage of interest. Thus, a series of cheerful entanglements is triggered, whose protagonists are: Policeman Fănică and his fiancée, Bufonul chefliu, Afaceristul, Ghicitoarea, Florăreasa, Flașnetarul, Newspaper seller and other characters typical of a fair.
To enhance the verve and color specific to this space, the artistic team brings on stage, as a novelty, acrobatics and circus elements.



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