Silvia Stanciu



Silvia Stanciu studied at the “Dinu Lipatti” Choreography High School and the Hyperion Faculty of Arts, the Actor’s Art Department, Virgil Ogășanu class. She supplemented her studies with practical American film acting experiences at the Ivana Chubbuck school and private singing lessons.

The experience on the stage started in childhood, but she became notorious when she was a member of the Etno band. She then pursued a solo musical career where she nurtured her passion for theater and film. In the course of time, she was also a TV moderator at the following television stations: Favorit TV, OTV, TVR1, TVR2, TVRi, RTV and collaborator for Antena Stars. For 9 years she has been the host of the lottery draws organized by the Romanian Lottery.

As an actor, she had various roles in Romanian and foreign films and series. Currently, she enjoys working with some wonderful colleagues, a special collective, at the Ambasadorii Musical Theatre, continuing the collaboration with the “Stela Popescu” Theatre and the “Principal Theatre”.

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