Natalia Dragomir


Actress Natalia DRAGOMIR graduated from the Faculty of Acting at the National University of Theater and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale ”, 2017 promotion, in the class of professor Florin Zamfirescu.

In the last year of college, she had the chance to prepare the lead role, Mirela, in her graduation show “Ants” by Aldo Nicolaj, coordinated by Prof. Cristina Briciu, a role that helped her develop her skills for comedy and which brought her the “Best Actress Award” at the Student Theater Evenings Festival.

At the same time, Natalia was part of the cast in the graduation show “Și caii se împușcă, nu-i așa?”, drama by Stefana Samfira, after Horace McCoy, with the role of the Velma diocese, who developed her musical and dance skills. The show received the grand prize at the Start Festival, Arad, 2017.

In 2018, Natalia performed in the master-pedagogy show “Rehearsal at Elsinore”, after Kiss Csaba, coordinated by prof. Bogdana Darie. This show gave her, in the summer of 2019, the opportunity to participate in the “Colombo International Theater Festival” in Sri Lanka.

Her debut in professional theater is marked by the show-event “Coriolanus”, by William Shakespeare, directed by Alexandru Darie, in 2018, on the stage of the Municipal Theater “L.S.Bulandra” in Bucharest.

In 2019, Natalia starts collaborating with the State Jewish Theater, in the musical directed by Andrei Munteanu “The Fiddler on the Roof”, playing the role of the little girl, Bielke. Also in 2019, she collaborates with the “George Ciprian” Theater from Buzău, where she plays the main role Elsa, in the children’s show “Princess Elsa and the Roosters”, adapted from H.C. Andersen, directed by Cristian Negoescu. The same period brings her a role of naive comedian, in the comedy “How to lose everything in one day”, by Claude Magnier, directed by Răzvan Oprea, launched in December 2019, at Cinema Pro and with which, at the beginning of 2020, Natalia went to the first tournament in the country.

In many of the TMA shows, Natalia helps the children to enter the story and to understand more easily what is happening on stage. This is how you can see her play in “Povestea Florii-Soarelui”, a show based on authentic Romanian folk music, the musical “Păcală şi Tândală”, adapted from the famous Romanian folk stories, the ballets “Frumoasa şi Bestia”, adapted after Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot by Villeneuve and “La Piață”, adaptation after Mihail Jora, in the role of Colombina. In the musical ” Însir’te Mărgărite”, adapted from Victor Eftimiu, Natalia plays Miranda, the eldest daughter of the White Emperor, and in the ballet “Beauty and the Beast” she dances gracefully in the roles of the Teapot and the Chef.

Trivia: Natalia likes to go to the sea and travel. To ask questions. Meet people. To dance. Laugh a lot. And watch movies.

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