Andrei Ștefan Racu


Andrei Ștefan RACU is a graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest, Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy – Orchestra Conducting Section, in the class of Assoc. Dr. Petru Andriesei and graduate of the Faculty of Musical Interpretation, Piano Section, in the class of Prof. Univ. Dr. Dana Borșan. He also completed the Master’s courses of the Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy, the Conducting Stylistics section – Orchestra Conducting, in the class of Master Horia Andreescu. He was a student of the National College of Arts “Dinu Lipatti”.

Andrei Ștefan is currently a full professor of the Ensemble – Singing, Main Piano and Choral Competition at the “Dinu Lipatti” National College of Arts in Bucharest and instrumental soloist at the Teatrului Muzical Ambasadorii.

Since 2005, Andrei Ștefan has collaborated, as a professor, with a number of vocational universities, such as Ovidius University – Faculty of Arts in Constanța, “George Enescu” National College of Arts in Bucharest and “Bălașa Doamna” College of Arts in Targoviste.

As a conductor and / or instrumental soloist (piano), since 1998, he has collaborated with the “Oltenia” Philharmonic Orchestra and the Choir of the same institution from Craiova, with the “Ion Dumitrescu” Philharmonic from Râmnicu Vâlcea, Ploiești, Representative Music of the Ministry of National Defense, Pitesti Philharmonic, “Angely’s” Orchestra, “Nae Leonard” Lyric Theater Orchestra from Galați, “George Enescu” Music College Orchestra from Bucharest, “Dinu Lipatti” National College of Arts Orchestra from Bucharest, Atelier Orchestra and “Symphony” Orchestra of the National University of Music in Bucharest, Bucharest Youth Symphony Orchestra and “Dinu Lipatti” Youth Orchestra. Andrei Ștefan has also collaborated with the latter two orchestras in concerts held abroad: Spain – the country in which he made his debut as a soloist in 1998, as well as in Switzerland, Germany, India and Tunisia – at the famous OCTOBER MUSICAL festival by CARTHAGE, China in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

He participated in numerous Radio (Romania Cultural) and TV shows (TVR Info, TVR 2, Tvr 1, TVR Cultural, Realitatea TV, Antena 3, B1 TV, Trinitas Tv, TVRM, Top 1 Chanel TV, Speranța TV, Tunisian Television, CCTV 4 – China), both live and in print.

In 2005, Andrei Ștefan made his debut as a conductor on the stage of the “Constantin Brâncuși” Exhibition and Concert Hall of the Romanian Parliament. Romanian Broadcasting Society, National University of Music in Bucharest, in the square of the Romanian Athenaeum within the “George Enescu” Festival, “George Enescu” National Museum, MIRA Hall, Hungarian Cultural Center, “Aurel Stroe ‘Cultural Center Busteni,” Cervantes “Institute , Diplomats Club, National Military Circle, Enescu Memorial House in Sinaia, ARCUB Hall, Dalles Hall, Glendale Club, National Children’s Palace in Bucharest, Aula Magna and Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University Club, UNESCO International Cultural Center “Ionel Perlea” Slobozia, Suțu Museum, Mogoșoaia Palace, Metropolitan Library, BNR Hall, Magna Hall of the University of Bucharest, Ialomița House of Culture, L “Tudor Ciortea” Music School Brașov.

He attended masterclasses by Maestro Christian Badea and was the main stage manager of the Parsifal project, a project initiated by Maestro Christian Badea, which included soloists Ștefan Vinke, Petra Lang, Erik Halfvarson, Bela Perencz, the choir and orchestra of the George Enescu Philharmonic.

Andrei Ștefan has collaborated with musicians such as George Emil Crăsnaru, Cristina Anghelescu, Viniciu Moroianu, Marin Cazacu, Catalin Opritoiu, Ioan Ivan Roncea, Teodor Costin, Alexandru Iosub, Liviu Buiuc, Tiberiu Oprea, Alexandru Aurel Gheorghita, Nicolae Racu, Ioana Cristina Goicea.

Andrei Racu’s repertoire includes pieces from all eras and musical genres, from baroque to contemporary, from J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel, through J. Haydn, W. A. ​​Mozart, L. van Beethoven, to Fr. Liszt, P. I. Tchaikovsky, I. Stravinsky, G. Enescu, P. Constantinescu.

As an instrumental soloist of TMA, Andrei provides piano accompaniment in the shows “Figaro Style”, adaptation for children after the opera “Barber of Seville” by Gioachino Rossini, ballet “La Piață”, adaptation after Mihail Jora and “The Story of the Flower” Soarelui ”, a show based on authentic Romanian folk music. On stage, our artist demonstrates remarkable acting skills, performing with great talent successful roles, such as the Boyar from the musical “Păcală şi Tândală”, adapted from the famous Romanian archaic stories.

Trivia: Andrei discovered skiing 12 years ago, a sport he appreciates “because it gives you the opportunity to rediscover nature and for the feeling of freedom you have on and off the slopes.” His second passion is the culinary art, which he experiences with great sensory-gustatory pleasure, “thus discovering the cultural variety in which we live”.

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