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“There is no light or heavy music, just good music”


The Ambasadorii Musical Theater, one of the newest public institutions of performances and concerts subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, has established itself in the last 3 years in the top preferences of culture, art and education lovers and has consolidated its role in the cultural life of Bucharest through complete art programs, diverse repertoire and sold out shows and concerts.


The Ambasadorii Musical Theater has the mission to promote Romanian and universal musical and choreographic values, as well as musical performing arts, musical culture through ballet and music, in order to educate children and young people to cherish these values nationally and internationally, thus developing a taste for culture and art among children and adolescents and to give them easy access to those mentioned above.


The Ambasadorii Musical Theater offers full seasons and artistic programs for young people and children, from opera, ballet, musical or folklore performances, to improvisational performances played exclusively by children. In addition, the institution aims to develop educational programs for kids and teenagers, increasing cultural diversity, access to culture and offering new cultural and artistic products that align with current cultural strategies around the world, such as digital culture or urban culture and regeneration.


The Ambasadorii Musical Theater carries out its main activity at the National Children’s Palace in Bucharest and has a team of specialists in entertainment and performing arts, visual arts, management and audio-visual, consisting of vocal soloists, musical players, dancers and actors, nationally and internationally acclaimed. Since the beginning, the Ambassadors Music Theater has taken on the role of a launching pad for young graduates of artistic vocational education and offers them the right environment to show their creativity, talent and knowledge in the field of performing arts.

Although being one of the youngest public cultural institutions in the national landscape, the Ambassadors Music Theater has represented Romania at important international festivals and is the Grand Winner of the World Cup Of Folklore – Veliko Tarnovo 2019 (2 Grand Prix, 3 gold medals, 25 Excellence Awards, Discovery Plaque), winner of 25 Special Awards and the Excellence in Art Award at the ROMANIMA Festival – Nuremberg 2019, as well as the International Children’s Festival Trophy – New Delhi, one of the most important festivals in the world.


The theater is organized and operates according to the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 21/2007, regarding the institutions and companies of shows or concerts, as well as the development of the artistic impresario activity, approved with modifications and completions by Law no. 353/2007, of the Government Decision no. 8/2019 regarding the establishment and operation of the Ambassadors Music Theater and for the modification and completion of the annex no. 2 to the Government Decision no. 90/2010 on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity.

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